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Clinic Growth Map

For Ambitious Therapists

A 6-month comprehensive coaching program that gives Psychotherapists the exact roadmap I used to get me to 55 therapists & an automated group practice in 3-years!

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Take the steps to have more freedom in your business and life.

Help More People
make more money
Have more freedom
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Stop working evenings & weekends!

The Clinic Growth Map will help you see less clients and have more free time without sacrificing your income.

Nicole McCance, clinic owner turned your business bestie will show you exactly how to

Build Your Private Practice To Multiple 6 or 7 Figures

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The Clinic Growth Map for Ambitious Therapists is a 6-month results-based, coaching program that gives Psychotherapists the exact roadmap they need to automate their systems, build their team, and grow their revenue!
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What CGM Members Have To Say About The Program

Nicole McCance, Business Bestie, Retired Psychologist, Therapist Coach in a red jacket walking in Toronto
Retired Psychologist, mom of twins, and a business coach to hundreds of therapists across North America! In 5 years, Nicole grew a multiple 7-figure practice, sold the business, and retired as a Psychologist to become your Business Bestie!

Hi, I'm Nicole

Meet Nicole McCance

I was in private practice for 15 years. I loved what I did and felt honored that I got to help people every day and make a decent living. After years of doing this, I was beginning to feel drained and sick of working evenings and weekends. There was so little time left over in the day to take care of myself or my family.

I am a mom of young twin boys, I wanted to provide them with an amazing life – but I also longed to be home more.

Trading my time for money was never going to give me the freedom I craved. I realized I needed to work differently. In 2018, I opened a group practice in Toronto, and within three years, I was able to grow to 55 therapists! This experience taught me a lot about what to do and what not to do. Most importantly, it taught me to create systems that would automate and grow my business. After 5 years, I sold my practice, and in my fifth year, I retired as a Psychologist!

I want to work with you and share what I’ve learned.

Are you ready to work and live better?

The Clinic Growth Map For Ambitious Therapists With Nicole McCance Logo

What does the 6-month program include?

Lifetime Access to the Content Hub

The largest, most comprehensive & up-to-date video and template library that shows you exactly how to build your 7-figure group practice.


Automate your processes and start getting time back in your day.


Hire the right people the first time and build a culture that fits your goals.


Understand how to market your practice and track the metrics that matter to your bottom line!

Includes: 15+ modules of up-to-date, results-focused content, with 50+ video & audio learning lessons; PLUS over 60 done-for-you templates, worksheets & actionable tasks that will help you start scaling your practice today!

Nicole’s Proprietary 5-Step Scaling Method

Get exclusive access to Nicole’s method that helped her practice grow to 55 therapists in 3 years!

Put the plan in place!

Once you have the content hub at your fingertips, we walk you through the 5-steps to scaling your practice!

Live Weekly Group coaching with Nicole

Consult with the fastest-growing business owner in the therapy space! Get the help, accountability and support you need to stay on track with your goals.

Your new business bestie!

Bring all of your complex questions and get personalized advice and coaching

Two personal strategy sessions!

Need to talk to someone about the complexity of your practice? We help you get clear on your goals and timelines in two private-coaching sessions.

Work with our success coaches!

Our team will help you get on track and stay on track!
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American and Canadian flag

Separate Weekly Calls for our American Clients

We know that things can be different – we get it!

Monthly Expert Workshops

If you need additional advice or help – we have an expert for you!

Monthly Employment Lawyers Q & A

Expert insight into the legalities of running a group practice.

Brand and website optimizing icon

Monthly Branding and Website Optimization Coaching Calls

Don’t lose clients to a confusing message.
SEO and Google Ads icon

Monthly Digital Marketing Coaching Calls

Get the conversions you need to grow.
HR icon

Monthly HR Coaching Calls

HR is for more than Fortune 500 companies. Let us help! (US and Canadian-specific experts)

Accounting icon

Monthly Accounting Coaching Calls

Getting the numbers right is key to growth. (US and Canadian-specific experts)

Mindset icon

Bi-Weekly Mindset & Leadership Coaching Calls

Getting out of your own way is key to your success.
Network and peer icon

Bi-Weekly Peer Support

Knowing you’re not alone on the journey, can make all the difference
accountability icon

Accountability Coaching: Weekly Office Hours

Don’t let a small problem keep you from moving forward.
Credentialing icon

Monthly Credentialing and Billing (Q&A for American members)

Looking for answers in this complicated area? Nicole teaches you how to build a private pay group practice but she also provides experts who can support you with in-network credentialing and billing information and advice.

Bonus #1

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Your questions answered within 24 hours

Have you started programs before and not finished them?

NOT THIS ONE! When you need an answer fast, pop onto the members-only facebook group with your questions, and our Accountability Team will get back to you within 24-hours!

We’ve got you covered.

Bonus #2

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Connect with other therapists - morning, noon and night!

Do you need more support with organization and motivation?

We provide a weekly co-working space every Monday on zoom where you can be productive with a group of like-minded members across North America. You don’t have to work on practice growth alone. It’s available morning, noon, and night so early birds and night owls can connect no matter what time zone they’re in!

Bonus #3

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Preferred Pricing with Our Experts!

When you work with any of our monthly experts they offer preferred pricing reserved only for members of the Clinic Growth Map Program.

Bonus #4

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Free Website Audit!

A free website audit is a snapshot of your digital marketing assets to help you see where you are doing well and what can be improved immediately.

The Clinic Growth Map is the MBA you never got!

What Others Are Saying

Frequently Asked Questions

This program is suited for psychotherapists who are in North America wanting to scale to a group practice or take their group practice to the next level. Those who will make the time to show up to the meetings and implement the action tasks will get the best results.

If you aren’t open to making changes or don’t want to commit to the group meetings and do the work, this program isn’t for you.

It’s going to depend on where you are at with your therapy practice now and how fast you can work through the program and implement the action tasks. We are committed to helping you make back your investment by the end of the 6 months, if not a few months later.

You will be given the exact action to take when it comes to hiring therapists and this is a key element to a timely ROI. Keep in mind, your investment is a one-time fee and your associates could be bringing in monthly income for the rest of your time in practice!

Module 1 walks you through how to create more time in your schedule to focus on the Clinic Growth Map program. On average, you’ll want to commit 5-10 hours a week to the program to give yourself enough time to get through everything. We also teach you how to delegate action tasks so you can leverage your time and spread out your workload.

Of course you can! Many psychotherapists hire their first associate or two on their own. The problem we see time and again is that most practice owners don’t have enough processes and systems in place to benefit from the additional hires. Without an automated business system, they often end up overwhelmed with questions from new associates and errors that need to be corrected.

We want to help you save time and money by not making the same mistakes! It’s our goal to help you learn the steps, in the right order, from someone who has expanded a practice successfully and can show you the fastest path to business growth.

The Clinic Growth Map program currently provides meetings with Nicole in a small group setting. This has proven to be the most beneficial way to answers specific questions and challenges but also to leverage the experience of other therapists expanding their practice.

The answer to this question depends on your perspective. If you’ve spent time and money on systems and new hires that haven’t landed you where you want to be, then you want to ensure that this is the right investment and program for you. We will go through the program cost and what you can expect from the program during your Practice Growth Audit. Just a quick reminder – Investing in your practice can often be expensed at tax time, so it may reduce your taxable income in addition to helping you make money!

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What You Can Expect

The Clinic Growth Map for Ambitious Therapist offers you a business in a box!

If you listen to the audio recordings and do the action tasks provided, you will see dramatic results in your practice and in your life.

“In order to reach a high level of success, you must be willing to do the work that most others’ won’t.”

– Nicole McCance, Founder

Change your behaviour – change your results!

Clinic Growth Map For Ambitious Therapists

In 6-months you will:

Systemize icon

Systemize Your Practice

Build the container

Build Your Team

Fill the container

Grow Your Revenue

Grow the container

Automate your practice so it can run without you
and have the time you need to love your life.

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How To Get Started Today With The Clinic Growth Map

We always start with a FREE Practice Growth Audit to get clear on where you are now, and what you’ll need to grow.

Once you complete the short questionnaire, we meet on a call to better understand your practice, hear about your goals, and answer your questions!

Your future self will thank you for the decision you make today

Clinic Growth Map

For Ambitious Therapists

Not ready to join yet?

Here are 4 free options that will change how you work and live


Live 60-min Masterclass

How To Build A 7-Figure Group Practice


Practice Growth Audit

Get clear on where you’re starting and what steps you need to take for growth


Psychology Today Profile Template

Learn exactly what to put on your Psychology Today profile


Private Facebook Group

Expand and scale your psychotherapy practice with other ambitious therapists