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Written Testimonials

I am so happy that I invested in myself and my business by starting the Clinic Growth Map. When I first started I felt very anxious about the thought of hiring and could not imagine what it would take to grow my confidence. During my time here, I learned everything I needed to in order to get fully set up and streamline my process for bringing on a new therapist. I also gained resources that have helped me to better my SEO on my website to attract organic leads, and have found a company I trust to do my Google ads as well. I have now hired one therapist who is an absolute perfect match for what I have been looking for, and my business continues to grow. During my time here, I also found out that I am pregnant. Previously, I was really worried about what would happen to my business when I have to take maternity leave. However, now I feel so confident and relaxed in my pregnancy since I know I have someone to take over my clients and my business will continue to run while I am away. One of my favorite things about this program is that you get full access to the hub even after you are done so you can go back anytime to refresh or answer any questions that might come up. I highly highly recommend investing in the Clinic Growth Map if you want to grow your practice and gain peace of mind to take time off for yourself.

Brooke Butler, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)

Austin, Texas

Where do I even begin? Being a part of The Clinic Growth Map Program has been an absolute game-changer for me and my group therapy practice. Over the span of six months, I’ve seen remarkable growth and transformation that I couldn’t have imagined before.First off, let’s talk about results. Thanks to the invaluable mentorship, resources, and feedback I received, I’ve been able to expand my practice in ways I hadn’t thought possible. I was able to hire an administrative assistant, two talented therapists, and even bring on board two graduate-level interns. It’s not just about the numbers though, it’s about the incredible synergy and support we’ve built within our team. The program offered me the tools to create a practice that functions seamlessly through setting up processes and flows that make sense.One of the most significant shifts for me personally has been reclaiming my time. I’m now spending less time bogged down in the day-to-day admin tasks and more time focusing on the bigger picture and business objectives. It’s a breath of fresh air to be able to step back and see the business thriving while I have the freedom to strategize and plan for its future.Financially, the impact has been substantial. While most of the revenue is being reinvested back into the business, the extra income has been a welcomed boost. I’m seeing a tangible increase in our monthly earnings, and I’m optimistic about the trajectory we’re on.Perhaps the most liberating part is that I’m now seeing fewer clients per week. This isn’t just about scaling back; it’s about being able to provide better quality care to each client while also nurturing the growth of my team. It’s a win-win situation all around.Overall, this journey has been nothing short of incredible. The coaching program has not only helped me build a solid foundation for my practice but has also empowered me to dream bigger and reach higher. I can’t thank the team enough for their warmth, guidance, and unwavering support throughout this journey. It’s been an absolute pleasure, and I’m excited for what the future holds.
Juliet Lane, Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)


Carol Korenowski Psychologist from Alberta Canada, student of Nicole McCance's Clinic Growth Map Program
My time in the Clinic Growth Map with Nicole McCance was a transformative experience for my group therapy practice. During the six months, I onboarded three new therapists, doubled our income, expanded the website, and increased our organic traffic on Google.The whole program ran flawlessly, evidence of Nicole’s excellent organization and systems in place to keep a business running smoothly. Her entire team was prompt, well informed, and committed to helping everyone succeed. There were countless supports, resources, professionals, tools, downloads, and recommendations that covered every component of running a therapy group practice.The greatest change in my business during the program was setting up the systems and processes to give my team clear policies to follow in all different situations. When something came up in my personal life, I was able to take the entire summer away from the business with full confidence in my team to continue working independently.Most importantly, Nicole reminded me to trust in myself and life. Instead of operating from a scarcity mindset and worrying about competition, I now fully trust in the value of what we offer and the purpose we live. As owners and therapists, we serve our clients and teams best when we support other professionals and share our gifts and talents.Thank you, Nicole & the CGM team

Carol Korenowski, Psychologist

Alberta, Canada

Joseph Hyoda, Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying), Ontario Canada, student of Nicole McCance's Clinic Growth Map Program
When I started the Clinic Growth Map, I was a solo practitioner renting hourly office space. During the first couple of months in the program, the tools in the content hub helped me to articulate my business processes and create systems for tracking my business metrics. Finding affordable office space in our area is difficult, but having objective numbers helped me to calculate the level of risk I was comfortable with and sign a full time office lease. Soon after, I was able to hire two therapists to join my practice. Their caseloads are now close to being full after just a couple short months thanks to the marketing advice provided through the program. Being part of the Clinic Growth Map certainly expedited these decisions as I knew that I was not alone in the process. Being part of the Clinic Growth Map meant that when I hit snares or just needed encouragement, I was surrounded by a community of coaches and peers who were able to provide advice, guidance, and the courage necessary to continue pushing forward.The Clinic Growth Map is an excellent program and one I would certainly recommend to other therapists looking to grow and scale their practice.

Joseph Hoyda, Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Ontario, Canada
Elana Woolf, Licensed Professional Counsellor in Rockville Maryland, student of Nicole McCance Clinic Growth Map Program

This program surpassed all of my expectations! I learned everything from hiring to how to manage my team, to how to build and grow. The learning from the program will far exceed the six months I was in the program. I am certain that my business will grow exponentially for years based on what I learned here! A nice bonus was the community– one of my biggest benefits was becoming a part of a group of like-minded individuals!

Elana Woolf, Licensed Professional Counsellor (LCPC)

Rockville, Maryland

Anny Dubé, Speech-Language Therapist, Québec Canada, student of Nicole McCance Clinic Growth Map Program

Doing the CGM program helped me learn about the different aspects to consider when building a clinic and it gave me the contacts and resources I needed to do big steps quickly. The private Facebook group was useful beyond words and the accountability coaches really helped me stay on track. I still use many templates provided and many resources that I discovered during the program. Even though I had to adapt the information provided to my reality, this program helped me have a better picture of the clinic I wanted to build, and more importantly it provided me the means to get there. During this program, I built the brand of my clinic, built it’s website, used Google ads and SEO, incorporated the clinic, upgraded my online clinic manager system, and automated and systematized parts of my clinic. I hired 8 other part-time professionals to work with me and I hired 3 part-time admin staff to support me in my growth. My revenue this year has increased by 40%. I now work only 50% of the time as a therapist and the rest of the time, I work on my growth. The CGM program was a transformative experience from both a personal and a professional point of view. Any driven therapist wanting to build a clinic could benefit from this program.

Anny Dubé, Speech-Language Therapist
Québec, Canada
Julia St. Cyr, Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) in Mississauga Ontario, student of Nicole McCance Clinic Growth Map Program
Prior to joining the CGM program, I found that I was constantly overwhelmed by my never-ending list of to-do’s and all of the unknowns related to being a business owner. Nicole and her team really guided me along the program, while providing myself and others with helpful insights, tips, templates and feedback that made everything feel more manageable. Prior to joining Nicole’s program, my team consisted of 6 members. We are now a team of 8, and are rapidly growing and expanding! We are currently in the process of hiring 3 more therapists, and I will soon be looking for a part-time admin to join the team. I am still very busy in my business, as I continue to wear many hats – But I hope to soon retire some of them, and know that Nicole will continue to cheer me on as I do so! Thanks so much Nicole and team for your dedication and support!
Julia St. Cyr, Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Mississauga, Ontario

Mandie Robertson, Registered Psychotherapist, Certified Canadian Counsellor in Ontario Canada, student of Nicole McCance Clinic Growth Map Program

Investing in the CGM program was one of the biggest game changers for our business. Prior to starting the program, my business partner and I had hit a ceiling in the income we could earn and the number of clients we could help. Very soon after starting the program, we had the tools and knowledge we needed to hire our first two therapists. Soon after that, we hired 3 more therapists plus an admin assistant. As a result, we have been able to work less clinical hours ourselves and focus more on growing our business while still earning the same amount (if not more!). We’ve hit roadblocks along the way, but with Nicole and the CGM team’s support, we have been able to navigate them in a positive and professional way. We have learned so much about ourselves as leaders and grown in our confidence. We are excited for the future growth of our business knowing that we are well equipped with the tools we need thanks to the CGM program.

Mandie Robertson, Registered Psychotherapist, Certified Canadian Counsellor

Ontario, Canada

Carly da Cunha, Licensed Professional Counselor in Chicago Illinois, student of Nicole McCance Clinic Growth Map Program
When I first came across Nicole on social media I was curious but cautious because her videos made it seem too easy, too supportive, and I guess just too good to be true! After meeting with her team and expressing my concerns, they made me feel reassured and answered any questions I had to help me in my decision making process. The investment in the program felt steep and made me hesitant, but now that I have completed it I can genuinely say that it was worth every penny and more! Since joining the CGM team, my business has completely changed. I started off solo and saw 29+ clients a week with immense pressure to see as many clients a week as possible to maintain my financial goals. Now, just 6 months later, I have three incredible clinicians, a clinic operations assistant who is my right hand, and a social media manager who takes care of all online marketing for my practice. I now see around 20 clients a week yet I am earning significantly more than I was before. I am also only just getting started, and because of the foundation created in the program I feel like I can reach for the stars and actually reach them! All of this is only possible because of the CGM roadmap and the endless support, guidance, and mentorship provided. Thank you to Nicole and her incredible team for changing my life! To anyone considering joining the program but not feeling quite sure…do it! It will be your best decision yet!

Carla da Cunha, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Chicago, Illinois
Michelle Garraway, Social Worker in Ontario Canada, student of Nicole McCance Clinic Growth Map Program

I spent time investing in the things that matter, like a great website that converts, and setting up my Google ads. I went from seeing 20 clients a week to 12, and our monthly revenue is now 4 times what I was making as a solo practitioner at the start of the program. I have 4 therapists who are all “hell yes” hires, everyone is full and I am looking to hire more. I’ve also increased the hours that my admin is working and will be taking on a student in January. I’m spending more time supporting my therapists while also getting to choose to work with ideal fit clients. I can absolutely say the CGM program got me here and has set me up to continue building a sustainable business that’s really value-aligned for me and brings me joy.

Michelle Garraway, Social Worker

Ontario, Canada
Sheri Johnson, Master of Social Work in Vancouver, Canada, student of Nicole McCance Clinic Growth Map Program

Nicole’s coaching allowed me to implement years of company development within a short 6mo program. I am now finally off at 4pm everyday, which I know would not have been possible in the first year of my group practice without Nicole’s support in systemizing everything. In this short time, I went from a team of 2 Therapists to a team of 8 Therapists, hired an Admin, a Volunteer, a Bookkeeper, developed our niche program for Rapid Resolution Therapy, and an entire system for advertising our services. I’m really grateful for the experience and invaluable learning!

Sheri Johnson, Master of Social Work

Vancouver, Canada

Allegra Taylor, Master of Social Work in Alberta Canada, student of Nicole McCance Clinic Growth Map Program

I sometimes struggle to completely define what I took away from the Clinic Growth Map because it is hard to fathom how much of my business changed during the 6-month program. The investment I made in myself and my clinic in comparison to what the result was is not comprehendible.

When I started CGM, I had three (3) independent contracted therapists working with my clinic very part time. We did not have a brick-and-mortar site and we were struggling to figure out what platform to use to see clients on, let alone systemizing the entire practice.

Today, I have an admin, a business manager, four (4) contracted therapists and two (2) intern therapists. Within a month of starting the program, we moved into a small office inside a coworking space. Five (5) months later, we are preparing to move into our first ever independent brick and mortar site with four (4) offices on the main street of the town we operate in.

In the last six (6) months, the clinic made twice as much as it made during the entire previous calendar year. My contracts are clean, we have an HR handbook, a training manual, and an extremely user-friendly booking platform in Jane App.

Before CGM, I was struggling to figure out what I could offer people that wanted to work for me, and my sense of unworthiness was getting in the way of facilitating the growth that my clinic deserved. Since then, I have been able to articulate the value of working with me, give my therapists access to high quality external clinical supervision, create an incredible team environment, and bring to light a vision I only ever thought was a pipe dream.

Allegra Taylor, Master of Social Work

Alberta, Canada

Shereen Mohsen Psychologist in San Jose California, student of Nicole McCance Clinic Growth Map Program

Nicole’s coaching program was incredibly helpful to me and my group practice. I’ve hired 5 new therapists this year, revamped my website and marketing efforts, and most importantly, I feel significantly more confident in my abilities as a leader. I believe I can now make decisions for my practice that would previously leave me stumped, and I feel more comfortable delegating and working less in the business due to the processes I’ve put in place. I’m seeing less clients, and for the first time ever, I actually feel like a business owner who knows what they’re doing and is truly running a successful business. This change in just 6 months is priceless to me and I’m so grateful for the tools and sense of community I’ve gained from CGM. Thank you!

Shereen Mohsen, Psychologist

San Jose, California

Laryssa Creswell, Licensed Professional Counselor in Maryland, student of Nicole McCance Clinic Growth Map Program
I have hired 1 part-time therapist and I have found my unicorn and now in the process of hiring my second part time therapist. I have delegated significantly more to my admin and I would say that I am now working 70% more on my business rather than on admin tasks.My monthly income has increased by 50%. I went away on vacation for a week and maintained my same monthly income as I would have had I worked and because of the automation all things ran smoothly without me! Thank you to Nicole and the CGM team for all the encouragement, mentorship and support. I am more confident in my leadership skills and excited for my business to continue to grow!

Laryssa Creswell, Licensed Professional Counsellor


Megan Logan, Registered Social Worker in Alberta, student of Nicole McCance Clinic Growth Map Program

I am beyond grateful to express my heartfelt appreciation for the transformative experience I had with the Clinic Growth Map program and Nicole. This journey has been nothing short of remarkable, and I cannot emphasize enough how instrumental it has been in taking my practice to unparalleled heights.

The guidance and support I received throughout the Clinic Growth Map were nothing short of exceptional. With their expert help, I was able to implement strategies that resulted in the expansion of my clinic, allowing me to hire several skilled therapists, an efficient admin team, and even a dedicated yoga instructor. This bolstered my team’s capabilities and ultimately enhanced the quality of care we provide to our clients.

What truly astonishes me is the phenomenal impact on my income and client load. By systemizing various aspects of my practice, I found myself working less while achieving remarkable growth. It’s almost surreal to witness how, with the program’s insightful techniques, I have been able to strike a perfect balance between professional success and personal well-being.

Furthermore, the Clinic Growth Map empowered me to dream bigger and set audacious goals for my practice’s future development. The program’s teachings and innovative approaches surpassed my initial expectations, enabling me to envision possibilities that I once thought were beyond reach.

The Clinic Growth Map has been a game-changer for me and my practice. I am now equipped with the tools and knowledge to achieve sustainable success while continually elevating the level of care we provide to our clients. My deepest gratitude goes out to the entire team for their unwavering support and the extraordinary program they have crafted. It has made a world of difference, and I cannot recommend it highly enough to any ambitious clinician seeking growth and excellence in their practice.

Megan Logan, Registered Social Worker


Karen Rezk, RP Qualifying in Markham Ontario, student of Nicole McCance Clinic Growth Map Program

I am so grateful for Nicole’s Clinic Growth Map program. For context, I hold a full-time role and job outside of my therapist role (which is a “side gig” at present). I was a little apprehensive because I knew I wouldn’t be able to attend in person daytime coaching calls and other trainings provided all the time. I was so grateful for how approachable and open the admin staff were and always facilitated submission of my questions and the ability to constantly be able to access the trainings in the hub was incredible! Since starting the program, I’ve hired an admin, 4 therapists, a supervisor, and onboarded 2 interns in the span of 6 months. This is all while managing a full-time job outside of me being a therapist and business owner. I started making 6-figure gross revenue on the third month of being within the program and with each passing month it has increased. We are currently in the process of posting for more therapists and are looking to open an owned bricks and mortar location. I can’t recommend this program enough, particularly for folks who don’t have any business acumen or experience. Thank you so much to the whole team and my colleagues who taught me so much!

Karen Rezk, RP Qualifying


Caitlin Tice Licensed Professional Counselor in Pennsylvania, student of Nicole McCance Clinic Growth Map Program

I was incredibly burned out when I started Nicole’s program. I felt a lot of weight on my shoulders because I was seeing clients and doing all of the insurance billing myself, plus I had a toddler at home. I had two contracted therapists when I began with Nicole. During the 6 months, I created an organized Google Drive and I’ve put effective systems in place for my business. I hired an admin and 5 more therapists, taking me to 7 therapists and an admin in 6 months. All therapists are full with a waitlist because Nicole helped me to feel empowered and confident to invest in SEO. I no longer meet with clients, my time is freed up and I’m still making an income that helps to support my family. Nicole empowered me to step into a role that I truly love. I love my flexible schedule now and I no longer sit for hours upon hours indoors seeing clients. I’ve stepped into my new role as a leader and I feel more and more confident everyday. Nicole and her team are so supportive and knowledgable and they’ve given me the tools to help me thrive and live a life I’m energized by – not drained by. Any questions I had during the process were answered almost immediately and in a very individualized way. It’s not often in life that I feel that I get more than I paid for, and I feel that investing in the Clinic Growth Map was the best decision I’ve made so far in my business.

Caitlin Tice, Licensed Professional Counsellor


Alessia Vivod LMHC in Florida, student of Nicole McCance Clinic Growth Map Program

Thank you and your team for everything. The program was amazing and for sure helped me grow, organize myself, and gain so much confidence and knowledge– as well as feeling so much support. I came into the program so disorganized with my own practice. I was seeing way too many clients, had an exhausting and disorganized way to chart, schedule, and bill. The program was a game and life changer! Highly recommended. I plan on returning again, once I hire and get things rolling from what I have now. I know I will need more support and guidance in the next steps. Thank you Nicole, for being YOU and helping so many people gain confidence to take steps and make things less overwhelming and alone. You set us all up to succeed so kindly and your energy to want us all to win is always felt.

Alessia Vivod, LMHC


Sarah Covery Registered Psychotherapist in Elmvale Ontario, student of Nicole McCance Clinic Growth Map Program

As a practitioner with more than 10 therapists already, joining CGM with Nicole was a necessary step in determining whether I was on the right track with my practice. As the leader, I was feeling like a solo artist on the road to burnout with lots of questions and no one to ask! For me, the fact that Nicole was an Ontario-based coach with specific mental health background meant the possibility of the niche alignment I had been longing to find. Participating in the CGM weekly group coaching sessions and utilizing many of the “business in a box” template resources helped me to feel validated and clear in my next steps. The group helped me navigate incorporating my business and the facilitation of connections with other financial and advertising experts working with regulated professionals in the mental health field helped me to find people to bridge the gaps in my business plan.

The opportunity to collaborate with other professionals is always a welcome and inspiring growth opportunity for me!

Thanks, Nicole and team for helping me level up!

Sarah Covey, Registered Psychotherapist

Elmvale, Ontario

Christine Mark-Griffin Licensed Clinical Social Worker in California, student of Nicole McCance Clinic Growth Map Program

The clinic growth map program provided the tools & mindset I needed to launch my group private practice with confidence. I had been dreaming about expanding my practice for a while and just didn’t know where to start. The CGM program had just the foundational roadmap I needed. Learning from Nicole’s success and other ambitious therapists during coaching calls was inspiring & invaluable. In just 6 months, I was able to hire admin & onboarded 2 therapists to grow my practice! The other great part about the CGM program is that you can really take it at your own pace and cater the content and material to your needs. I highly recommend this program to other therapists looking to build & grow their practice.

Christine Mark-Griffin, LCSW


Vanessa West Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Iowa, student of Nicole McCance Clinic Growth Map Program
Nicole’s program has been an absolute life changing experience for me! Nicole and her staff are passionate and encouraging. I was able to build my practice from two therapists to eight therapists plus an admin while in this program. This program provides literally everything you need from templates, to coaching calls, an accountability coach, to calls with lawyers, Google ads, and so much more that will help you to reach your goals. Nicole and her staff are down to earth and willing to help every step of the way!, I highly recommend this program to those individuals seeking bigger adventures for their business growth and financial freedom!

Vanessa West, LMHC


Veronica Dumas Psychologist in Florida, student of Nicole McCance Clinic Growth Map Program

When I started the program 6 months ago, I was trying to grow my practice on my own, but had no idea how to structure things. After completing the McCance Method training, I have:

1. Systematized a big portion of my practice, having all my forms for contractors, as well as manuals in place ready to train new therapists and/or admin. This makes hiring and training a breeze.

2. I have delegated a significant part of my responsibilities to my admin, who now has a much more clear understanding of what he needs to do to make my life easier.

3. I have increased my fee and reduced my hours, leaving more time for family, for myself and for growing my business.

4. I have hired a therapist and have established a more structured way of working for the other therapist that had been working for me.

5. I have created a website for my group practice, and have learned about branding, organic marketing, SEO and Google Ads. I feel like I got a degree in Marketing. I now understand the importance of my website in terms of its looks, its content and its booking capacity in order to increase my practice. I have also identified a need to change web platforms in order to secure organic marketing for the future, and I have started to work with one of Nicole’s referral sources to build a brand-new website.

6. I have increased my knowledge about accounting and legal issues in order to ensure that I avoid potential issues in the future.

7. I have built a Psychology Today profile for my group practice, following specific recommendations that ensure better marketing.

8. I have started my Google ads and continue to work to build a strong presence on the internet.

Overall, this program has not only had a short-term impact on my practice, but more importantly, it has changed my mindset about being a leader, and has given me all the tools necessary to confidently push myself to expanding to a large group practice. I highly recommend this program to any therapist that is considering shifting from solo to group practice, or any group practice that is looking to grow or make their business run more smoothly. Nicole has created a program that should be taught in every grad school! Thank you to you and your amazing staff.

Veronica Dumas, Psychologist


Adam Gelinas, Registered Psychotherapist in Ottawa, student of Nicole McCance Clinic Growth Map Program

Since joining the program, I have gone from having a solo private practice to creating a group practice with 4 associate therapists, 1 intern therapist, an admin assistant, and a volunteer. I have quadrupled revenues since joining the program and reduced my hours and days seeing clients. Had it not been for the CGM program, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve the growth and success as a group practice owner.

Adam Gelinas, Registered Psychotherapist


Jaena Abarzua Clinical Therapist in Hawaii, student of Nicole McCance Clinic Growth Map Program

A big Thank You to Nicole and The Clinic Growth Map. When I first found Nicole online, I was in the process of creating a group practice and I felt like I was drowning.

After meeting with Nicole’s group weekly and working my way through her content, I started to feel more in-control, hopeful, validated and confident. I now own a group practice with 4 therapists (whose schedules are all full), I am seeing half the amount of clients that I used to see, am spending more time working “on” the business rather than “in” the business, and I am in the process of hiring another therapist! I never thought I would reach this point so quickly and I owe Nicole a lot of credit. Thank you so much for all of your positivity, passion, expertise and support!”

Jaena Abarzua, Clinical Therapist


Sunita Chamber Psychologist in California, student of Nicole McCance Clinic Growth Map Program

I came into Nicole’s coaching program with nothing but a longtime hope and a want to build my practice. In less than 6 months, I built a group practice with 5 licensed psychologists and 1 admin staff with a bold pursuit to keep growing. The results speak for themselves! Nicole’s program offers a step by step guide that organizes an otherwise scattered and daunting process, and gives tangible tools that are essential to creating a financially healthy business and building a clinically sound team. My next steps are to scale the business so I can make it on to Nicole’s podcast—this may sound a bit silly but what it speaks to is the fact that Nicole instills inspiration even beyond graduation from the program and sparks an audacity in you to think big, pursue even bigger and live with freedom. Have no doubt, take the leap and join the program, it will be the best professional and personal investment you will ever make!

Sunita Chamber, Psychologist


Dr. Anne Adrian, Illinois, student of Nicole McCance Clinic Growth Map Program

This program has helped out a lot. I am the owner of an existing private practice for over 10 years now. I decided to enroll in The McCance Method because I found my practice was at a plateau and wanted to find out other ways to help it grow. Since completing the program, I have hired five interns. Some are clinical level and seeing clients while others are bachelor level, volunteering to learn more about counseling and private practice. My practice has also grown with clients. We ended up needing to hire again after two weeks of our new hire! The tracking and marketing lessons have been incredibly beneficial. I am recommending this program to my colleagues. Thanks so much!

Dr. Anne Adrian, LCPC


Leah Todd Psychologist in Kingston, student of Nicole McCance Clinic Growth Map Program
In the last six months I’ve hired a rock star administrative assistant which has freed me up to work on more revenue generating tasks. I’ve developed a brand new website, streamlined all processes and practice policies, and grown my clinical team by three. This program is a one stop shop for all the ethical, legal, accounting and marketing questions that you will inevitably have as you grow. Having access to all the content in the hub accelerated my growth because it cut out the tedious task of researching and sourcing it myself. Thank you to the entire CGM team for your enthusiasm as I began building my dream group practice!

Leah Todd, Psychologist


Stacey Stahl Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Tahoe California, student of Nicole McCance Clinic Growth Map Program

In six months I have been able to learn more than I ever thought possible. The real, tangible skills like putting together an operations manual, hiring therapists, associates, volunteers, and support staff, and efficient, cost-effective marketing were exactly what I was looking for. However, the mindset shifts in developing concrete belief in my self, what I personally am capable of, and what can be accomplished as a team has been even more valuable. I have expanded my practice to include two additional telehealth-only therapists, one in-person therapist, an intern/volunteer and I am currently in the process of hiring a Clinical Supervisor, something I did not think would be possible for several more years. Having access to the content hub for life is incredible and being able to directly ask questions to lawyers, ad experts, branding experts, finance experts, Human Resources experts, website experts, Nicole herself, other therapist entrepreneurs and more has saved me a TON of both money and time. I could not be more grateful for Nicole and The McCance Method!

Stacey Stahl, LCSW


Cheyla Bellamy California, student of Nicole McCance Clinic Growth Map Program
The benefits of being in Nicole’s program go beyond just hiring 2 therapists and 1 Admin. The program has also had a profound impact on my mindset and confidence as a group practice owner. Before joining, I felt bogged down by administrative tasks and unsure of how to grow my business. But now, I have a newfound sense of clarity and purpose. I understand the importance of delegation and focus, and I am confident in my ability to run a successful and profitable group practice. Not only have I freed up my time to focus on growth, but I also have the peace of mind knowing that my administrative tasks are being handled efficiently. I cannot recommend this program enough for any practice owner looking to transform not only their operations but also their mindset and confidence.

Cheyla Bellamy, LMFT


Robyn Jackman Clinical Social Worker in Halifax, student of Nicole McCance Clinic Growth Map Program
I am so grateful for this program. In 6 months, I learned so much. I was able to put systems in place that freed up my time to carefully curate the team that I want to work with. When I joined, I had 2 part time contractor that were actually costing me money to a team of 8. I was able to stop doing 30 – 35 hours a week to 18-22 a week. My work life balance has gotten much better all because I have a system in place that doesn’t require my undivided attention. I am thrilled to say we are also able to move from a 700sq foot office to a 3000sq foot office!

Robyn Jackman, Clinical Social Worker


Jennifer Daffon Licensed Mental Health Counsellor in Seattle, student of Nicole McCance Clinic Growth Map Program
Before joining CGM I wasn’t sure how to grow my practice, it seemed like a very daunting task. The content hub was invaluable to creating essentials such as the employee handbook, identifying tasks for admin vs. Volunteers, and making sure I had important polices in place. The weekly videos calls really helped me develop a sense of how I wanted to grow my practice and offered a great place to bounce ideas and ask questions. I’ve gained a lot of confidence in my ability to run a group practice. Since joining the group, I cut down my hours in the office to just two days, I’ve hired two other therapists and I’m looking to hire another. Nicole was a great mentor, teach, and cheerleader.

Jennifer Daffon, Licensed Mental Health Counsellor


Debra Grindstaff Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Florida, student of Nicole McCance Clinic Growth Map Program
I truly can’t thank you all enough. I have definitely broken through fears and I am seeing the results. In the past few weeks, I was approved as an Internship Practicum Site for our local University, I hired my Clinic Coordinator / Admin and my 4th therapist. I am signing the lease for a 2nd suite of offices at my brick n mortar building next week and increasing my Google Ad spend significantly on January 1st. I have learned so much and I am continuing to implement and systemize all you have taught and provided. I have learned to step out of my comfort zone and become a business minded leader while creating a practice that has a cohesive team and provides the highest level of care for our clients!

Debra Grindstaff, LCSW


I am so grateful to have been able to participate in the Clinic Growth Map. I began as a sole therapist, was then able to systemize my practice, and hired three more therapists while in the program. I also reduced the amount of clients I have been seeing by half. Some of the best gifts from the program is the support received from Nicole, her team, and common like minded colleagues. I’ve been able to help more people while having more time to spend with my young kids and family! Thank you for a wonderful experience!

Lori, LCSW


Sarah Hurley Registered Psychotherapist in Toronto, student of Nicole McCance Clinic Growth Map Program
I am so grateful to have found Nicole McCance and her team. Having Nicole as my business coach is the best professional decision I’ve ever made. During my six months in Nicole’s group I hired 6 therapists, a volunteer, leased and renovated a bricks and mortar clinic, and started with an accounting team. Nicole gave me the courage to reach for my dreams and see that they are possible. I will be forever grateful. I can’t wait to renew my membership and to continue expanding my goals and financial dreams.

Sarah Hurley, Registered Psychotherapist


Kayla Nelson Psychologist in New York, student of Nicole McCance Clinic Growth Map Program
Working with Nicole and her team has been amazing. Her knowledge and advice is invaluable. Meeting with her and the other members of her program weekly gave me the push and confidence I needed to take my practice to the next level. In the last six months I have expanded my office space twice, hired four therapists (and counting), brought on two student interns and completely shifted my work-life balance. I’m still working a ton, but I see that all of this hard work is really going to pay off. I remember coming into my full waiting room one evening and becoming overwhelmed with joy and pride in what I had created. Thank you so much to Nicole and your team for helping me build the practice of my dreams.

Kayla Nelson, Psychologist

New York

Jessica House Registered Psychotherapist in Ottawa, student of Nicole McCance Clinic Growth Map Program

This program was so helpful. As a new private practice owner, I had goals to grow my practice so I could address the incredible need for mental health services in our community. I had been following Nicole on Instagram for about a month before I joined the program. Literally every post, video, and story she put out was answering key questions I had while growing my practice. I knew I wanted to learn from her, and I’m so glad I took the leap and joined her program.

Not only was I thrilled to have access to an incredible library of templates and resources for a growing practice, but I was welcomed by a community of like-minded people, who shared similar goals and aspirations. Nicole’s weekly coaching sessions were invaluable. It was impossible not to learn something from each of the sessions. One thing I love about Nicole is she is constantly working to make her program better. When a member needs something, she finds a way to add whatever it is to her program. She really understands how to take care of her members.

By the end of the 6-month program, I have surpassed all the goals I set for myself when committing to this program. I tripled my revenue, tripled the number of clients we are supporting at the clinic, we have opened more offices in the city, and have grown my team from 1 to 8 incredible people whom I am so lucky to work with. Not to mention, I have been able to create more balance at work, so I have time to continue to work ON the business.

So impressed with this program!

Jessica House, Registered Psychotherapist


Thank you for this opportunity as it has helped me grow my practice. 🙂 I started off on my own but now I have three therapists, an admin and a volunteer that takes care of my social media. I do little to no admin work as my admin does all of that for me and the therapists and although my income has not increased yet, the clients that my therapists do see help to cover the advertising and practice costs. Although I’m only breaking even now, I can see my therapists steadily growing their clientele with the strategies you suggested. I am hoping to start making a profit within the next three months as well as hiring one or two more therapists. I was on my own just 6 months ago and if I didn’t see clients, I didn’t get paid. Now, I am seeing a future of financial independence through this business plan. It is also rewarding to see my therapists appreciate the way I’m running the practice through the recommendations given in this program. Thank you!

Rania, Registered Psychotherapist


Lily Le Psychologist in Alberta, student of Nicole McCance Clinic Growth Map Program

Since we were launching a brand new studio, the CGM helped us get started on developing all the processes and procedures we have implemented! Accessing the modules, templates, and community of like-minded folks allowed us to ensure we were following a recipe that’s worked and not feel alone in our journey. What I appreciated most was feeling like I could post any question in the Facebook group and not be worried about judgement. I also learned a lot just listening to others’ questions and experiences. One thing I wished we had was more 1:1 time with Nicole to ask questions, since our company is a bit different than the traditional practice and I would have loved to chat with Nicole more off camera.

We have a dedicated team building the DiveThru brand, so coupled with the CGM, we were able to accomplish a lot in our short 6 months including hiring 9 therapists, creating an online manual for therapists and admin, and open our doors for virtual and in person counselling. At the end of the day yesterday, which was our first day launching in person, we had 18 people book/re-book!

If you are not sure where to start in expanding or building your practice, this program helps you every step of the way. Just be sure you have the time set aside to dive in since there is a lot of info to complete in that short time!

Lily Le, Psychologist


Leslie Crane Oklahoma, student of Nicole McCance Clinic Growth Map Program

I came into the program with a long-term goal of building a group practice. The program helped me to start moving in the direction of achieving my long-term goal. During my time in the program I renamed my business, got a new group website built, got licensed in another State where I hope to move to in a few years, brought on 3 volunteers, and raised my rates! Most importantly to me though is that when I am ready to work on growing my practice I now have the foundation and resources for how to do this.

Leslie Crane, LMFT