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Member Feedback

Adam Gelinas

I finally have freedom!

Stacy Stahl

This program is different from the rest!

Cynthia Piccini 

This program was life changing!

Robyn Jackman

I now have the freedom to do what I love.

Cub Larkin

transformative growth.

Eileen McDowall

Elevate was my fast track to success!

Elana Woolf

I knew I couldn't to do it alone - take the plunge!

Stacy Stahl

From 3 therapists
to a team of 10!


I didn’t know what I didn’t know! Moving forward with clarity, support & a plan.

Stephanie Slater

Hired 5 therapists
in just one month!

Cynthia Piccini

From having no time, to step-by-step growth & time freedom!

Allegra Taylor

From unclear on my business direction to clarity and the right steps!

Laura Banks

The program gave me the structure I needed.

Steve Thorpe

There is so much value and so many experts on everything!

Carla Da Chuna

From no systems to time freedom and group growth!


From overwhelmed
& alone to having a plan that’s helping me grow!

Caitlyn Pearson

From overwhelmed to growing and loving it!

Shabnam Moulaei

The content hub lets me work at my pace and starting point!

Eliza Fernandes

From 2 therapists to multiple therapists and better systems!

Sherri Johnson

I can’t believe how far I have come!

Mark Atia

From feeling alone to having guided mentorship.

Kate Bennett

From burnt out to balanced and working less

Misty McIntyre

This is the first time I’ve been profitable on maternity leave!

Christina Moynihan

I was getting in my own way and now – I’ve changed my mindset!

Sarah Covey

From feeling alone to having guided mentorship.

Sophia Brandstetter

I’m saving money and growing through automation!

Milly Feliz

This program is a life-saver, transforming the way you work and grow!


This program changed my life!

Svetlana Antonyshyn

If you follow the steps it works!

Jill Portaro

I opened a new space in 8 weeks! Rocket growth on the horizon.